Natural disasters pacify all of humanity!!

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Will we be able to survive in these terrible weather conditions?

As we already know, humankind already suffers worldwide from these extreme weather conditions, but to make matters worse, people die from these disasters, such as when the Australian forest fires started killing and displacing animals and people, people were forced to flee their homes because of them, this is our human fault. And we have to fix it the way we started with it. We have to lead a normal life away from air pollution. Now we are consuming the permeable resources that are reliable for the corruption and destruction of the earth. I feel that the way the Native Americans lived will benefit us somewhat the way they hunt only when they need Also, instead of storing meat in the refrigerator or freezer, when there was no need for the money to spend on food and drink, but now we pollute the water and air habits affect negatively on our planet

Now, I feel this is a warning from Planet Earth saying that if we don't change our ways everything will be lost. Since I am wondering have you noticed that the harsh weather conditions have worsened over the years since they started like a few earthquakes and then into terrifying things like forest fires, and this leads us to our main question, is this the end of the human race ???

As we all know, humans have probably lived on Earth for centuries, but it is from these extreme conditions that you know what will happen? Will we rot like vegetables? Or will our end be like a fairy tale? Who knows! Feel free to comment on your thoughts below!

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