A new Hub Challenge!

We're delighted that the Global Conversation has created so many interesting discussions about extreme weather.

However, what makes a good discussion? We think it a vital part of any discussion is people responding to each other.

When you respond to someone, you help build a conversation and helps everyone to make forward progress in their thinking.

So we're setting you a challenge - to try and use the techniques below to respond to other people's ideas:


Use the 'Reply to this comment' button to respond directly to what some else has said, then:

  • If you agree - write "I agree with this point because...." and give your reasons
  • If you disagree, write "I disagree with this point because..." and give your reasons
  • You could also add something - so giving an example, or some evidence:

"I would like to build on this point and say that..."

"I would like to give an example of... My example is...."

You can complete this challenge for any comments across the Hub - for example, so it doesn't need you to add comments below.

Right now, find a post where there's a discussion happening and get adding your replies!

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