UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read!


We are enjoying the discussion on the Hub and we hope you are too. Here are some extra tips to help to help you use the website correctly.


  • If you are completing the session activities you should add your answers to the comments section at the bottom of the page. Do not “write post”
  • One-line posts will be deleted
  • We don’t want big fact-files. Facts are good but we really want to hear your opinion, supported by facts. Tell us what you think and what evidence has led you to that opinion. Ask some questions to other people to start a discussion
  • Only use images in the image library or upload images that you have drawn yourself. Other images will be deleted as we do not have the copyright to use other people’s work
  • We recommend you write about 2-3 posts in total over the course of the project. The rest of the time you should write comments


  • You should only enter the weekly competition once so take time to make your entry perfect
  • Enter the weekly competition by scrolling down and writing in the comment box, do not “write post”


  • You should always explain your ideas and opinions. Comments like “I agree” will no longer be accepted
  • Try to reply to people! This is a global conversation: ask about other people’s opinions, share your experiences and learn from each other


  • You can win skills stars when they show excellent communication and critical-thinking skills: reasoning, open-mindedness and scepticism. Now that you have settled in, we will raise the bar. Stars will be harder to win!


And really importantly...

  • Do not use your own names on the Hub
  • Everything must be in your own words
  • And, lastly... volcanoes and tsunamis are NOT weather!

Have fun!

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