Should we worry about Covid-19 or climate change?

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Hi it is Admirable_cheetah here I have a question is should we worry about we worry about Covid-19 or should we be worry about climate change it is very difficult to answer but it is YES.

The yes

there are as bad as each other if we have both that is a very very BIG PROLBLE but if that does not happen then we are safe. Don't be worry if need someone to talk to I can help just say what you need to say down by the comment. watch video and see how bad they are suffering they cannot not even step out of there house 🏠 that is sad πŸ˜”.That even they might not pass there gcse and can not see there friend like we can not see are BFF. So if you have any questions please ask at the comment

P.S a big thank you for the NHS. I hope you are all clapping πŸ‘πŸ» for the NHS and other key works.

by Admirable_cheetah

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