Speech to the world leaders.

O great leaders, responsible for many people's souls, l would like to start my speech with your salutations and I will start with my topic that the beginning of every simple and uncompromising behavior we do may be the reason for the increase in the bad influence of extreme weather and the severe danger it produces affecting the planet and the end of human life for that I would like your excellency and everyone to participate in developing proposals and solutions to address this bad weather, including reducing the use of transportation and the use of alternatives that rely on clean energy and increasing the green areas to generate oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide and the use of safe methods to get rid of human waste and the complete and safe readiness to address the dangers hurricanes and fires in forests, and to address the effects of extreme weather. Together, to jointly tackle the extreme weather, we are all safe. In the end, I can say that I can't imagine a world without travel, but I realize at the same time that unless we change the way we travel we will not have any future planet in our future that we can explore.

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