Stop Climate Change!!!

What is climate change?

Climate change is when changes begin to happen on the planet and this can affect us and our planet. Climate change brings new changes to the way our envoiroment is and can affect the envoiroment very badly . This is why today , I would like to speak about this issue , how it affects us and our planet , how we can stop climate change and what can happen to our future if this does not stop.

How does climate affect our lives and our planet?

. Climate change can damage our homes by floods and natural disasters. It has been reported by scienctists that over 40 million people in the US , are suffering without homes due to destroy by climate change. Floods have occured in the US as well and 8.6 million people live in areas who are severly damaged. The cost for recovery took $27 million.

. Wildfires are caused by climate change as well due to rising temperatures and many people's lands have been destroyed and people have died as well.

. People who have home insurance and their homes have been destroyed have to pay lots more to their insurance company in order to fufil the cost of damage.

. Due to climate change, heatwaves are caused and work outdoors or being outdoors could soon be unbearable. Temperatures around the world are rising up more than usual.

. Due to heat , we would rather stay indoors with fans on and be cool but , our bills will begin to rise and we will ahve to pay more as we use more of electricity.

. We can get ill due to this because climate change causes allergies and diseases that can make us sick and our lives will be affected. eg. asthma.

. Our taxes that we pay will be rised in order to cover damage costs.

. Our food that we buy and eat can be expensive, due to extra costs on making them and the variety of foods will be strrugling.

. The water we have could be not clean and fresh as it is today and this can gain us diseases and illneses.

. We would not be able to travel on planes as heat will be to high and it could be dangerous.

These were some things that climate change effect us on.

How can we stop climate change?

We can stop climate change by using less petrol , travelling by walk , by burning less fuels and use renewable energy. We can use less energy as well to stop this.

Can climate change harm the future?

Yes , climate change can affect the future because the longer we have climate change , the more rising temperatures we have , more earthquakes , fires , floods , health problems and droughts. This can make our future without health ,with more disasters and with no water and food. If this continues , our future will be filled with suffering.

What can we do to help the future?

To help the future we can : use less fuel , burn less fuels , use less electricity , use renewable energy , find greener ways to survive and encourage others to do this so , everyone can take part to help and do their bit.

What would I do if I was a climate change holder?

If I was a climate change holder , I would explain the world how important it is to solve this issue and tell them useful things to do such as : using less fuel , burning less, using less electricity , find greener ways to survive , save money , food and water and to encourage you commuinity to do this. I would also try my best to make renewable energy much better than it is so , climate change can stop. I would also , tell people that what climate chnage is , how it can affect us and the eartha , our future and our lives. I would also find green ways to survive and tell people to use them and to travel by walk than cars. I would also not tax people much as they will need their money so , i would instead use my own money and stop this. This is what I would do in order to help climate change stop.

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