10 Years After The Financial Crisis-Do You Feel Safer?


10 Years After The Crisis!

It has been many decades after the troubling Financial Crisis but do we feel safer with our money? Since the Financial Crisis less banks have been going bankrupt and money has been kept safer. I discovered though that the UK is having money troubles and is in serious debt ( £183.oo to be exact) I think there is a possiblity to stop this and keep this from happening:

1.We could start saving money instead of spending.

2.Look at prices of things and think about if you need it or not.

3.Spend money on essentials first etc. (Food,water,bills)

These are some ways I think we could prevent this a stop it affecting us as much as it did in 2008 but for now we are doing better with money and living sufficient and more beneficial lives and in 2008 about 35% people living on the streets and now there are about 11% to 5% of people now.

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