Aftermath of the financial crisis


Aftermath of the financial crisis

The financial crisis made a massive impact on everyday lives of bankers,people and businesses. 3.7 million people lost there jobs and Britan suffered, like many other countries. Furthermore, The British Goverment spent a massive 850 Billion pounds bailing out the banks. The first signs of its occurance was in 2006 when housing prices had a dramatic drop. The financial crisis was believed to end in the June of 2009 and start in December 2007.This means The Financial Crisis lasted for 18 whole months.

This catastrophic calamity made a mark on the UK and left millions bankrupt. About £3,000 pounds were taken from every person in The United Kingdom. Moreover, it was caused by deregulation in Finance's industry. The Financial crisis and The Great Recession were both devastating disappearance of money.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 29 Nov 2018

    Hi noble_nectarine,

    Good job researching some statistics. Where did you find your information?

  • I found my information on different websites and from education in school. Thanks for the star!