An interview with Elma

An interview with Elma

I have asked Elma some questions to get a first hand account of how it affected her and the people around her.

Hi and welcome to Inter 101 today we are joined with Elma Stone:

GR” How did the financial crises affect you?”

ES”I was sixteen and I was in sixth form and some of my friends parents lost their job and they were afraid that they couldn’t go to university because they couldn’t pay.”

GR “How did it affect your parents?”

ES”My dad was really worrried that his company would go bankrupt and he had to sack people and I remember him being really upset about the impact it would have on their family!”

GR”How did it effect people around you?”

ES“People were a lot more worried about money and lots of shops shut as there could not buy the things they need. Everyone had less money and had to make cut-backs.”

Now you know how it affected some people and their experiences.

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