Answers to the knowledge quiz!

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Here are the answers to the BNC knowledge quiz! If an answer says LONG ANSWER, then it means we are collecting all of the very best answers from you and will be publishing them in a special post in the Hub for you to read.

3a) Which of these count as news?

  • An election to find the next prime minister CORRECT
  • The colour of the sky
  • A second wave of the coronavirus CORRECT
  • A new school uniform at your school CORRECT
  • A family member has a baby CORRECT
  • Your best friend's feelings
  • A world record for eating eggs CORRECT

b) Which of these things have you seen in the news lately?

  • Black Lives Matter CORRECT
  • a cat
  • Coronavirus face mask CORRECT

c) In the Burnet News Club, what do we mean by "news literacy"?

  • facts, ideas and discussions
  • knowledge of the news, problem solving, creativity, speaking and listening CORRECT
  • knowledge of the news and people's opinions
  • problem solving, creativity, speaking and listening

4a) Where can you find the news?

  • Family CORRECT
  • Diaries from the past
  • Newspapers CORRECT
  • Magazines CORRECT
  • Social media CORRECT
  • Recipe books
  • Radio CORRECT
  • Friends CORRECT

b) Can you name three examples of places where you find the news? For example, the BBC or the Mirror newspaper


5a) What does JUSTICE mean?

  • Doing whatever you want
  • When you are treated fairly for your behaviour CORRECT
  • When you arrive on time

b) Which picture best represents power?

  • Desert
  • Flower
  • Police CORRECT

c) Scarcity means when there is not enough of something. Which of the following is an example of scarcity?

  • Water is scarce in a desert CORRECT
  • Money is scarce in a bank
  • Food is scarce in a restaurant

d) Someone who reports on the news is called a...

  • Janitor
  • Journalist
  • Reader
  • Editor

e) ___________ journalism focuses on topics like crime stories, astrology, celebrity gossip and television.

  • Tabloid
  • Tablet
  • Tabtop
  • Tabboo

f) An editor is someone who...

  • writes the news
  • checks a journalist's work and makes changes CORRECT
  • prints the newspaper
  • presents the news on television

g) Can you find the news on social media? Try to explain your answer.


6a) What do you know about coronavirus? Can you explain what has happened and what the effect has been?


b) What happened with the GCSE and A Level results in England? Can you explain why the story was in the news?


7a) Is it important for the news to be accurate (correct)?

  • No
  • Not sure

b) Should the news only be about one point of view?

  • Yes
  • Not sure

c) Should anyone be allowed to write newspapers or present the news on television?

  • Yes
  • Not sure

d) Is it important to always know where the information in the news came from?

  • No
  • Not sure

e) Is social media a good way to find the news? What do you think? Can you explain why?


f) Why do you think some people share news stories that aren't true (it's sometimes called "fake news")?


g) Which of the following things can be a sign that an article is fake news?

  • It doesn't say who wrote it CORRECT
  • The pictures are very old CORRECT
  • It is very long
  • It isn't on a website that you have heard of CORRECT
  • It contains lots of numbers

8a) Can you think of two stories in the news about power? Or two stories in the news about justice? If so, explain what the stories are and how they both show either power of justice.


b) Can you give an example of a news story and explain how it links to a subject in school? For example, climate change links to Geography because it is causing a change to our weather patterns.