Anti and Cyber-bullying



Anti-bullying is discussed all around the world and I can take a chance to say that Anti-bullying ,for the world's best environment ,should be stoped. By this I mean that people look upon dramatic sceneries and just forget about the surrounding areas that are precious to other people and countries. People care about the past, but most people don't think of the future. This is a saying that you can't change the past, but you can change the future.


The three main political rules in school is: keep each other safe; respect each other; and most importantly we come to school to learn. This sentence does not consist Anti-bullying or any harsh words. School is also about learning, skills on documations and also to learn how to be kind to little and big people. You might be wondering, how do you really overcome your fear?. The part in me will do something like this , I easily walk of not remembering what I have faced.


Cyber-bullying is when people who are not being sensible online. This paragraph probably consists many information on the subject ,computing, so you better be good at listening. This is a disscussion about the diffuculties children, adults and also teenagers have when they are sensibally using the internet. In computing you might of noticed the SMART word. the SMART word consists of 5 different words, a bit like a code. When you are playing a game, a random user wants to play with you, if you click accept the computer might go virus, but if you tell an adult that something is going on to the game, you might be just fine. Cyber-Bullying is a form of bullying which takes place online or through any tecnocial devices.

And that is my talk on Cyber and Anti-Bullying.

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  • balloon.png Claire @ Topical Talk
    23 Nov 2018

    Hi spirited_meerkat. Bullying an important subject, but on the Hub we try to keep all discussion to the current topic. Please only write posts about the topic that we're looking at in the BNC this half term, which is the financial crisis. Thanks!

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