Are Money Worth What We Really Think?


Money, as we know, are valuable objects which most of us can't have enough of.

But why are they so special?

Well people give much importance to money because with that money we can buy so many things that we definitely need in life but can't just simply get it. But if we did have money then our life will be simple and easy.This is not our fault because it's the way we came into it, with many others already experiencing these kind of things and leaving it behind for us to continue.

Coming to the actual point, according to me, money is really not worth to be famous because we came into a world of money and we are giving it value by naming them with a certain amount.So the higher the amount is,the more value it earns. So really that small object is pulling all our attentions.

Sometimes money can actually turn us into a different type of person and it can lead us to many hard situations like : arguments over money, looting(stealing),other basic problems.

However, on the other hand,we can value it for the pictures on the note and for the coins that are made out of gold.Also even if the world changed we can't really do much so if we live our life with helps from money then we can appreciate it.

Money can help us by:

giving us the little things we need

providing us a home

And by giving us even the food and water

But lets recognise one thing, if we work in a job place, no matter how hard we work, as appreciation they give us money(a small piece of object). So basically we are working really really hard for that object.I understand that if we don't have money our life will be difficult but why did we even come to this situation? This basically means we can't exactly blame this on the money because we are the one who are taking any step to have money.

These are my opinions and I thought on both sides but if you disagree, I will be happy to respond to your feedback.

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  • Millbank-logo-250x250.jpg stellar_guitar | Millbank Academy A
    23 Nov 2018

    I see your point, I believe I do not disagree. However, sometimes, people say that if you buy something that may or not be that useful they say "money well spent." Why is that?

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