Are women's wages fare?


"...and onto the next question. Do you think your wages fare?" The reporter asked in a sort of tone that ment he wasn't very intrested in what imogen had to say, "Well no not if I'm being honest. I get a very small salary compare to one of my co-workers annually. It's so unfare!"This was true. She didn't get as much money as one of her friends,"Why do you think this is?"Said the very rude reporter,"I personally think that it is because I am a women."

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 30 Nov 2018

    I like your use of the storytelling skill here to make your point. Why do you think that, in certain circumstances, women get paid less than men?

  • I think it is because women are seen as lower in status compare to men. Also in the olden days and still now woman are treated differently.

  • I personally think this is a good thought to bring up because I understand that in the olden days that women where underestimated and there wasn't mutual respect for both genders . Yet I cant think of an area where any woman have complained that wages went fair compared to what working men have received in any sort of way . I think it is an amazing idea to bring up throughout the series of financial crisis .