Across the board, bankers provide services to facilitate a variety of financial transactions and help clients to take advantage of a range of financial products, such as loans, bank accounts.

Bankers, as we know, play a really interesting roles within the banks and the financial crisis.

Our economy gave a huge space of freedom to the bankers (especially the bossess).They recieve a large amount money as their salary which increases aproximately every month.It may depend on how hard they're working but the procedure doesn't work the same for most other busy workers.Take teachers for example; they actually work hard handling so many things in so many different ways but their salary is not only less, but also the amount never goes up.Which means there is not much value for teachers, however if someone is in a higher post within the schooling industry then their salary may be quite decent.

That was just an example to explain the unfairnes that our society is accepting.This is mostly because not many people knows how banking system works. I do understand the difficulties bankers may face at one point but what about the others who faces difficulties and risks at most of the time? Even if they have been payed a high rate, do they increase?By mantaning the same level of salary (depending on your work within the bank) the economy will improve and bring a helpful change. The saved money can go to places like: hospitals, charity or other useful places.

And do bossess actually work harder than the indiviual bankers? This question should be asked because as an induviual banker, you need to advise to commercial and private clients. They would explain about a variety of financial matters and promote financial services/products. They help to set up a savings acount, authorise loans and transport money.This is all to help their clients and to make them succeed their operations.Average starting salaries for corporate investment bankers are around £30,000 to £40,000. After three or more years, this rises to up to £50,000. Those with significant experience may earn a base salary of around £150,000.

These informations are needed to answer the question of Does bankers actually take action to improve for more safety and Do they need that much money for what they do?

What are your opinions on this. Does bankers (including the bossess) do extra than what we know?

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