Banks should change their rules

Safer Lending should be in every Bank because if we don't have safer lending we will have another crisis and I'm pretty sure everyone doesn't want another crisis. This means that Banks can't just lend to anyone. They have to check that it be paid back. For example, they should check that people hacve re-paid loans in the past, so they are trustworthy.

Banks won't run out money ever again.

people won't have to do something they can't becuse people will be checking the history.

It will be less risky and everyone can be happy. The money will go to the right people for when they can pay.

In my opinion, Bankers shouldn't get bouns for making money out of risks because they will make more risks which will lead to a bad risk which happened in the financial crisis that is why Bankers shouldn't get bouns. If we stop giving Bankers bouns then 35% of peole will stop living on the street and then 11% of peole will stop living on the street.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    29 Nov 2018

    Safe lending is certainly an important rule for banks!

    "If we stop giving Bankers bouns then 35% of peole will stop living on the street and then 11% of peole will stop living on the street" Where did you find this information?

    1. St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg ingenious_tamarillo | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
      Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 15 Dec 2018

      I got this information from my assembly by CAFOD

  • Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg fearless_conversation | Ormiston Bushfield Academy A | United Kingdom
    29 Nov 2018

    I agree with how you said there should be safer lending in banks. I personally think it is a good idea to make sure that banks are checking whether the person asking for a loan can actually pay it back. But also by using safer lending, this means that when people who actually need the money might not be able to get it because there is a small percentage that they wouldn't be able to pay it back. So although I think that banks should be checking who should pay and who shouldn't. I definitely think they should still be taking some risks because some people will say that taking a loan from the bank was the best decision of their life. It helps people get nicer things and although money isn't everything trying to raise a family getting a loan is something that will most likely help.

  • St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg energetic_conversation | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
    02 Dec 2018

    I don't agree with your point in which you said banks won't run out of money EVER AGAIN. I have to agree with Safer Lending being a better option than taking risks BUT you can still lose money while being safe. We are learning about the Financial Crisis so I'll use it as an example: During the Financial Crisis OF COURSE there were the banks taking too many risks and losing A LOT of money... There were also the GOOD banks who DIDN'T take risks, so in other words they did Safer Lending. Let's reflect back on how you said Safer Lending = gaining but never losing. The 'good' banks during the Financial Crisis who did Safer Lending STILL lost money due to all the jobs suddenly being lost. In can happen any time! The owner of Toys 'R' Us was SUPER rich, now everyone knows that he or she is bankrupt and every Toys 'R' Us store is being shut down. Even though the Financial Crisis is mostly over you still get people everyday, whether it's in England or not, losing their jobs. I hope this proves how I think you're mostly RIGHT but partially wrong.

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