#BeSafeNotStupid: Bankers Bonuses need Busting!

We decided to put our idea in the form of a video because we knew that a video would appeal more than a banner or a poster as a video has more detail and sound effects that would appeal to the human eye. The younger generation could watch this and be more interested in the world of banking.

We worked together to create a video based on banking and how they pay bonuses as a reward for risky behaviour if it goes well. We have explained this in our video. The link is above.

Our idea is a good idea because when you take risks sometimes it doesn't go well and you can lose money. If this happens with very important people's money, or lots of normal people's money then we could head to another financial crisis. Really, banker's lives would not be too different if they still got bonuses, but for different behaviour.

Some people might disagree because some people might think that the money gained by taking risks is worth it. They could use this money to further the economy, give to charity or help other countries.

However, we think the banker's bosses should listen to us because if they reward their employees for being safe with money this might encourage them to work harder without risking any damage to our country!

We think our video has great quality and we took a load of thinking time to create this video. please comment what you think on this video below and we will try to reply and we will take the feedback into consideration.





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