Can money help you in every situation?


Money is a commen thing that everyone need in order to live in this new, modern world.But of course not everyone has alot of them, So they are suffering however there is some others who is still living happily without money, demonstrating a strong responsibility.Future might be harder for them as our lifestyle is quickly changing each day. This may be called devoloping however for some ancient people it is wrong.

Money has a high value and everybody respect it because of that value and even the richest people would never quit earning them.As it is very well known ,now adays require money for even water.This is not wrong but it's clearly showing that we need money for nearly everything.In the modern life it is easy to rule the world with money but I don't think anyone is quite ready for that big job yet and even if they are, they won't have that money price to become one.

But one thing is for sure, you can't get everything with money.

Here's what...

.Happiness comes from others and as a person you share them, that's when real happiness creates

.Relations. They are created with love and support and helpfull people

.Lastly whith money,you can't buy thoughts .Other's ideas because it's something that comes from your brain which won't ever build a need for money.

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