can we stop the financial crises


Do you recon we can stop the financial crises ? i do because the bank shoud take care of what they are giving the public . like at some point in the crises the bank were giving more to the public than they needed . but when the banks were going bancruped they started taking peoples savings and fireing people from there jobs.

All right do you recon that the government or the bankers bosses should be to blame? no i recon they shouldent be to blame the bankers should be to blame because its them who is giving money to the public.another thing on my mind is are the parents geting enough of a wage I personly think they should get more because some people do not have enough to pay rent.

even though it has been 10 years now scince the financial crises happend give a comment at the bottom if you can do something about the financial crises and what you could do to help