Do people focus to much on money?

It's all very well to be good with money, but is it really that great to have so many people focusing their whole lives on this particular element of life?

People focus to much in no money.

If people only focus on money then it could cause great depression. The world is already quite a sad place with things going on like Myanmar. We do not need further depression from us being over cautious and obsessed with their income. It doesn't matter how much we earn, we should try and enjoy life when we can. The time will come when we need to focus on money.

We don't focus on money to much.

We know money is precious so we must look after it. If we don't pay attention to it, who knows what will happen? Our life depends on our income whether we want it to or not. If we don't focus on our money we can't afford to do things we enjoy. Life is to short to forget about what we earn. Whether you're a teacher or banker, money should be near the top of your list.

My opinion.

Yes, money is precious, but there is no need to put pressure on ourselves. If we become to obsessed with money we will lose all our other interests. No one can say this is good, in my opinion though of course open-mindedness is important and I will welcome other points of viview. We should stop focusing on money and make other things more important in our life.