Do utils waste our money?


In economics utils are a term used to measure happines, by satisfaction from spending and investing.For example, for some people buying a £40 supreme shirt gives someone more utils then buying a £5 shirt on discount.This all preference, although those who chose the £5 shirt are more likely to save rather than invest, aren’t they?

Does this waste or save money though? Many of the world billionaires are investers in companys, which made companies like Reddit, twitch and much more come to their heights. So surely everyone should do this right, some people in poverty have had over £1,000,000 when they started buying(not investing money but by the same influence as utils) expensive brands and are now addicted.

Despite the fact there are no billionaire savers, theys people have more moderate lives and sometimes happier.Saving never secures your money so you’ll need a good job to secure a living.

In my opinion Utils depends on wether your a saver or investor.

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