Do we spend to much money on small things?

As I've said in my other post, money is very precious and as a country, the council spend quite a lot on smaller things. But should we protest at how much is wasted and that it should go to bigger and better things?

Yes, we spend to much money on small things.

Lots of people's salary isn't as much as they deserve and all the things like magazine toys are a waste of money. No one gets much out of them anyway and we can use that money in better areas of our community.

No, we are just right with the amount of money we spend.

Yes, money is precious but the reason we have money is to use it. If people want a larger salary they should do a harder job. We all use money but what does it do if it just sits in the bank. We use the right amount of money in our day to day lives .

My opinion.

Money is precious and we as humans have to use it wisely. Personally, I think that we spend to much money on small things but instead of that money going to the bank and not doing anything, we should use it for education purposes.

Again I would love to hear from you!!!

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