Do we trust bankers now that the crisis has happened?


Now, lets discuss this opinion. Many people before the crisis had risen would be able to ask the bank to lend them some money and the bank would agree. During the crisis, some would ask for some money from the bank and they'd say no.

However, after this had all happened, if you asked them now, they'd ask you to do a certain thing before they lend you the money, etc. Showing your bank card/account or giving them your email. Or simply, just at a bank machine!

But, the question is: Can we trust bankers with our money now that the crisis has happened? (And we are still recovering today)

What do you think? I think we can still trust them since such a big company cannot be replaced, especially when they are used as an important symbol around the world. To me, it's the workers that are in it for the money.

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