Does homelessness increase with a financial crisis?


All of my own writing and thoughts :

I think that homelessness does increase in a financial crisis because people would be being kicked out of their homes. This would happen because they can't affored the morgages for the house. A morgage consists of bricks and water. People would be being kicked out of their houses also because the banks don't have the money so then they would not be able to pay the companies then the companies can't pay the workeres so they have to fire the workers because of a financial meltdown.

What exactly is homelessness ? :

Being homeless gives you a hint in the word. It means you have no home the word : home ~ less.

The main causes of homelessness :

  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Low wages

In that order.

Poverty links to our topic, because people go into poverty. Poverty means you have no money. I was watching BBC news and they were talking to homeless people on the streets and in my own words they explained, '' I love it when people sit down and talk to me instead of putting 10-50p in my hat/pot.'' And one of them explained that they got through homelessness because they had resilience and never stopped trying for a job.

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