Experiences in the financial crisis; and the risks that they took

Experiences that people had about the financial were both positive and negative. Many people that were starting businesses said that ‘borrowing money from the bank was the worst decision I ever made. I had to close down the business and move out as we were not getting enough money to cope with the interest rates. Personally we ended up losing everything.’ It forced many people to rethink what they were doing with their lives and if they had made the right decision taking certain risks.

The biggest and most important risk that people can take is to not take a risk. Despite the fact it does not always work out, if you do take the risk and it pays off, you can be in a better of situation than what you were in before. As many people gain something great, it can just so easily turn on you and go the other way. Unfortunately for some, that is what happened. It is brave to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Hopefully they learnt that, despite losing a lot, if they take a risk again, they could gain a lot and it can make a difference to their lives, despite them failing before.