Financial Crisis



How do we change this?

We believe that we can change how the bankers get paid, by setting stricter rules for the bankers to prevent them giving out loans to people, who can not pay it back.

To prevent this they will have limits to how much money they can lend out and they should be rewarded for being safer with the money.

When bankers are payed they will have a warning to not be to silly with the amount of money they give out since, if they are just always giving a small amounts of money people who are wanting the loans can not afford the things they want : a car, a house etc.

How will this help?

This will help because the bankers will not give high amounts of money to people and taking risks that could make the bank bankrupt and not be able to pay workers and give money to people who save and give rewards.

This will help by lowering the chance of another financial crisis and it might put a stop to all financial problems.

Why should we do this?

We should do this because it can help the world of finance stop people being homeless and the world be a happier and healthier place to live. Also, it will make tacking a loan out easier.

Thanks for reading :)