Financial Crisis


The financial crisis was a world-wide problem for all different countries including England . The main bank in our country was called the bank of England which had to sort it out as well as the Prime Minister who is a special man to all pupils of Britain so he had to do something about it.

In my personal opinion I think that the banks and bankers should have safer Lending towards all people in Britain this is because Banks should not lend money to people who might not pay their taxes or loans because they do not have enough money this is why it is the safer option to choose .

Unfortunately, other banks have the exact same issue towards money like the bank of England did in 2008 and they don’t want it to happen again .Going back to 2008 it was a terrible problem, everyone was having problems with money so the bank of England had to step in and sort it all out so they had to give money to other banks so they could pay the public the right amount of money so they could pay their loans and taxes from their bank account that the banks have given to them.

Banks bosses had to make bankers work longer because of this crisis to all banks in our country because people were getting frustrated because they couldn`t pay enough money towards their banks and houses which was terrible at that time.

The prime minister was also getting quite annoyed so he stepped in and sorted it out and it hasn’t happened since so this is why the banks in England and the world should give out safer lending so it wont happen again in our country Britain and if it did then the bank of England will hopefully sort it out as well as the prime minister but it became an infamous disaster.