Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis

Bank’s should be restricted to safer lending. Also banks should not lend money to people who might not be able to pay it back.


Idea 2 : safer lending

We have chosen this idea as we believe that Idea 2 is most efficient and important to inforce.

What is this?

In 2008 when then the Financial crisis was happening many people where effected banks were going bankrupt meaning they were forced to shut down, this also lead to people not trusting banks with there money .

Story Time

Mr Peters wants to buy an apartment that is 30008 pounds but he only has 20008 and he asks the bank for 1000 pounds and the bank says yes but he needs to give the bank 10% interest. And he does not pay it back until he needs to pay 10000 pounds .Mr peters ignores this payment and buys his house because he has done this he loses most of his possessions so that he can pay the bank back this is were are suggestion comes in so If banks be careful and check If there customer is able to pay it back .