Financial Crisis

11 years ago, there was a huge impact on banks called the 'financial crisis' it effected most people and lots of money was lost due to this. This happened because of many people not being able to give back money that they borrowed from the bank, which caused the bank not to have enough money to lend to other people and went on and on untill it became a really serious problem untill it got strickter with louns and eventually got most of their money back.

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  • Churchill-Gardens-logo-250x250.jpg precious_octopus | Churchill Gardens Primary Academy
    26 Feb 2019

    Genius_Chameleon i really like your comment about the Financial Crisis that effected many people who lost their homes nd lost money.In my school,Churchill Gardens we learn about the Financial Crisis in Burnet News Club which we do every single tuesday at 2:15pm.So I really enjoyed your comment about the Financial Crisis and I hope you enjoyed my comment.Bye

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