Financial crisis:What affect did it have on the people AND banks??

I think the affect on the people was when their money was taken,it must of been hard,like getting caged from money,most people lost their homes,jobs,it's very hard on the public because the bank should of known that the person who wanted to borrow the money,would be able to pay it back,so partially it's the banks fault for giving them the money wanting more,and the public's fault for taking it without knowing


I think this was hard on the bank because when the government was giving the money to the banks and the banks giving out money wanting more than they gave the people,they were soon struggling to give money because they were giving out to many in the first place,but it must of been hard for the government that they ran out of money to give to the banks ,

such as the bank of England which is the top bank of Britain, because they wouldn't have money to give to people which left the people poor,but since the they've sorted it out,I hope that the public,banks and the government are careful about what they do before they do

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