Fix Futures For Families

I decided to choose idea:Change the way bankers get paid.

I am very concerned about our countries finacial industries: the crisis of 2008 must never happen again.As a result to what happened last time thousands of people lost there homes and there cars so this is why I think we should change how bankers get paid.

I think changing how bankers get paid is a big part of how the Finacial crisis started because with bankers giving larger loans to people they get larger bonuses of money, which encourages them to take a risk:give people larger loans without checking their credit score.This means the money they have given will not of been repaid which is how the Financial crisis started.

For instance,My mum told me her friend took a loan out of the bank knowing she couldn't pay it back. The money went to bying a house. Unfortunatly, due to not paying the loan back she had to move out of her house and live with her mum. This is not right is it?