Fix The Future For The Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis happened because of a few errors which were : giving out too much money to people who couldn't pay it back, and banks going bankrupt by taking high risks with money that they had been given. I think it would be better if the banks had stricter and more harsh rules so that the terrible crisis will never happen again. For example I have been told that the Financial Crisis took alot of money out of peoples banks and caused lots of aguments.

Due to this happening, if we don't start listening and using strict rules another crisis will happen, which means if one bank goes and takes money from other banks all the banks will be taking everyones money away and will be bankrupt which noone wants to happen. A stricter rule that people could follow is not too give money to people who can not pay it back and only give money to people who have a credit score over 450.

Do you want it to happen again?

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