Fixing Finances For The Future


In my opinion ,I am very uneasy about the way our country's future of so many financial industries. The worrying crisis of 2008 must never be allowed to happen again! After this,ten years later, it is being taken into interest by many people so that some of the strongest arguments can be closed upon by the bank.

I decided to choose idea 1: changing the way bankers get paid

I am very concerned about how bankers are getting paid at the moment. When innocent people are coming into banks and asking for loans of large amounts of money bankers are taking risks because when they do lend loans they receive a large amount of bonus money.

For example, my mum once told me that a person down the road I live on used to have a very sporty car and one day it had disappear from sight. After a while, we found out that the person got into some financial difficulties, so they couldn't pay back their loans in which the loan company had come to remove the car.