Fixing the financial future


After a long and thoughtful debate with my classmates, I have come to a final conclusion:change the way bankers get paid.I strongly believe this would succsesfully stop another crisis.We can not let 2008 repeat itself!

Due to the problematic system that bankers get paid more for taking risks and gaining their bank extra money a lot of banks end up not keeping money safe as they lose it to people who do not pay back.Making loans to people get bankers more money.This would be a strong incentive to be risky.My opinion is that they should get paid for being safe and not risking peoples' money.

During the financial crisis, someone living down my street had a large sum of money in a bank.Theyhad been saving up alot of money for a long period and would struggle to save up for it again.They ,sadly, got hit by the crisis and one day all their money was lost when someone else could not manage to pay money back to the bank.They were devastated.

Idea one would keep banks safe the most as instead of bankers being greedy and earning more money while other people lose money.Bankers could now get money and other peoples' money could be safe.Another reason is:it would prevent only certain people from gaining money.

I believe I deserve 32 points for my work.

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