Fixing the Future


I think that we should have stricter rules, because we dont want to have the same consequences as the ones we had in 2008. After cearful though and debate with my class-mates, I think that the strongest argumants are around the system used to pay our bankers: In my opinion, I belive that we should have stricter rules, because it would save all the money that the bankers are giving away and, the issues from 2008 wont carry on.

I had asked some one I know, if they had any experiance about the financial crisis, and she had said that she had no experiance about it.

So I asked my other frend and she said that she has exprianced the financial crisis, we had spoken for a while and had desscused the situation that had happend to her. She had said that she once had a Gamming room, wich was bort by a loun, was taken away from her because they couldnt afford to bay the loun.

This is why I strongly belive that we should have stricter rules for banks such as: Only to give out money out if there credit score has the right amount paid to the amount due, or not to give out a large amount of money for bonuses.

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