Fixing the future for families


I think that we should have stricter rules for banks to prevent a financial crisis happening again.Many may debate with my opinion in my class but here is my idea.I think that we should set stricter rules because if we do not then banks will keep on handing out large amounts of cash then that affects the whole world.That is how the financial crisis happened in 2008.Here are some rules I think would help:

.Only give out 4 times the amount they get a month

.Only give out large amounts of money to people with a high credit score

.Restrictions on how much money banks can give out a month

We are lending money to random people that do not know if they can pay it back or not,also banks have to send people to re-posses the stuff the people brought with the money they borrowed.Sometimesthe bank hands out to much money and run out of money.So they take money out of peoples saved money.This is how the financial crisis made lots of people loose lots of money.It was mainly the bankers fault that the financial crisis happened because they gave out loads and loads of money so they could get a pay bonus.Consequently,people lost lots of money.It was a hard time for people who lost a lot of money and some people couldn't buy food or they lost their homes or cars.My parents have told me a story about their friend who was sitting at home,then a man knocked on the door saying,'I need to take your car away from you since you have not paid back the money.' Then she lost her car and could hardly afford to buy food.

This isn't right,is it?

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