Help the financial crisis never happen again!!!


To help the finacial crisis not happen again we think the banks should be more careful handing out money to the public. Our opinion is that they could keep schedule on how much money they hand out each week,month or year. We also think they can keep track on who hasn't paid their loan [money] back. If the Bank of England stick to this routine and stick together this tragedy/crisis will not happen again.

The personal impact of families like the 'Grey' family... They lost their job when the crisis went up and some people lost their homes. Do you think the Bank of England should stick this routine?

If this tragedy happened to you what would you do?

The financial crisis happened on 15th September 2008. We need to prevent this from concuring again by not borrowing money as much as we did in 2008 and now. If we dont stop borrowing as much money the chance of the financial crisis occuring again is very high!!

Written by chatty_expression and protective_maths

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