How can WE prevent a another financial crisis?

As it is unpredictable that whether another financial crisis would happen or not, I thought of some ideas which provides high chances to prevent a financial crisis.

Banking system

This one might be told by many others, but still it is something to do in order to prevent

Bringing out new systems for this like:


With wiser, optional questions, we should vote. Questions like, Should money be lent? or Should the money lenting be limited? or even something to do with bankers and government.

Indivial opinions

Well experienced people should be picked to speak to people in higher position about how we can prevent and other systems to change everything, which involves banking, to a good position.


As the financial crisis happened globally, it might help when speaking to other major people around the world about this issue. In this way, there's a chance of stopping the financial crisis GLOBALLY.


It is really important to know others opinions about the issue and ways to prevent it. So by bringing out a new system which collects everyones opinion without knowing who they are would result in great success. Not many people want to speak out or want their name to create publicity so this would be great solution and a way wich gives two amazing answer.

But would the government accept this?

Will a solution be found by doing this?