How did it all start?


There are 4 options that how it may have start. Bankers bosses, the bankers, people borrowing money, the government.

Honestly, I had no idea, it occurred to me, what happened? For bankers’ bosses, we can blame because they give an extra bonus to make more money. For the bankers, they made a big risk of giving people money to get a bonus. For people who borrows, it really depends, it depends if they have the money or not. For the government, the government should do better rules for the banks. But if this happened (down below) the crisis would've never happened.

If the bankers bosses wouldn't give a bonus the bankers wouldn’t take risk to make people borrow money. Also, if the government should've put lots of rules for banks.

In class, my teacher gave us would you rather, it was tough to decide, down below will show you the questions.(in bold that what i chose.)

give bonuses for keeping the money safe/give bonuses for getting lots of money

Not lend people money to people/lend people money

Many rules/No rules

Some of you may be thinking why did i choose for the second one 'lend money' it is because i thought really hard, i said that because the bankers should give them money only if they know they can pay them back eventually.

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