How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis?


How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis?

The Financial Crisis Was a very chaotic turn of events causing people extreme money problems. A lot of people lost their jobs from this because the place were they worked at had to close down due to the lack of money the bosses had to pay them! I was curious on how this could affect the world not just Great Britain and found out that the money problems spread across the globe because many banks where losing money and not being able to help other banks which led to them to closing down and that affected the money others where getting. You may ask about the people the Goverment where paying well this did not affect them as much because there are always going to be Binmen, Doctors etc. Those running a business where more at risk because how would they get money to pay their workers let alone themselves and they could not borrow from the bank because they would not have enough money to give them so of course the business had to close down and all the workers would lose their jobs leaving it very hard to find a new one.

This is what i think about ithow they lost their jobs, I am very curious to know your opinions please leave them in the comments bellow!

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