How In Think the Financial Crisis Happened



The financial crisis is when when people don’t have enough money to pay bills, morgages or for their business. With this happening, people could end up having a tricker life finding a job, paying bills to make sure their house is is still running, and buying food for your family.

The idea to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and I have my solution. My idea is that bankers should stop taking risks, so that they make sure other people get their money, and to make sure it’s balanced for the public.

This would be enforcing, because bankers should be paid for keeping public’s safe, and not wasting every bit of it. The more the bankers work overtime, the more they don’t realise they are actually bailing out the safe of the bank their working in, which means the public, will not get the money they need, because the bankers would have got paid pretty much almost all of it.


Robert has had a job as a banker for almost 10 years, and he is one of the best employees. But his boss has a little plan for him in a few days.

His boss actually has an offer for him, and the deal is:

”You will be paid more , if you take the RISK, of working overtime.”

His wife think its a good idea, because when she was a kid, she wanted to be quite rich. But Robert doesn’t know what to do. It might lead to consequences, but it’s ok to have a bit of money sometimes.

So, he makes the mistake of taking the huge risk, and works overtime for over 1 year. However, he realises after a bit of time, HE is the one who has been bailing out all the money from the safe. Robert realises now he must never work overtime, AGAIN.

So, bankers take risks from their bosses, for more money, but that money isn‘t just their, it’s everybody’s.

So i think then Finacial Crisis happened like this. The banker must never work over time, or they will face the consequence.

Let let this be a warning to all this who want to be a banker in future.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    10 Dec 2018

    Well done for submitting your Final piece! I can see that you have followed the instructions and I like the hashtag that you have used.
    Your point about bankers taking a risk by working overtime is a bit confusing. When we talk about bankers taking a risk, we mean bankers lending money to people/business who might not be able to repay, or banks investing people's money in a type of business that doesn't make extra money.
    Can you explain a bit more about how bankers could be rewarded for being safe with people's money?

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