How Much Pocket Money Should Our Parents Give Us?


In my opinion i think our parents should give us about £6 .

I think this because we Are old enough to save our money or spend it on sensible things! Parents should start giving you pocket money at a sensible age like 8 years old because when your about that age you become more sensible on saving and spending.

This Question could get you Thinking becasue their is no right answer because its your parents desicion on how much money they give you. If your allowence is £100 its your parents choice to give you £100 becasue they control THEIR money in the bank not the bank.

I think our parents should give us around £6 because We don't really deserve it cause you don't do that much work around the house. Do You? If you do then you deserve around £8 , If you don't then you deserve £6. I don't do much work around the house .

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