How to avoid the Financial Crisis


The main topic is about the Financial Crisis. People becoming homeless... banks becoming bankrupt...people owing debt... So I've decided to write a post about some of my ways to avoid another Financial Crisis.

How we can avoid a Financial Crisis:

1. The government could influence more people to work for them. Doing jobs which could not also help avoid the financial crisis, but also help the envoionment. (Binmen, Doctors, etc.)

2. People should look out for other people if they're over-spending or wasting money. (You could waste money with betting or buying things you don't need, e.g. super expensive games.)

3. Banks should be smarter in checking that people who they loan to would definiteley be able to pay them back that monthly or yearly fee they were assigned to.

4. Family and friends could help each other by giving out small amounts of money if someone's in need. You might not even need to be repayed as you'd give out of kindness

5. People need to be able to spread knowledge by telling people points like these so that more people know what to do if in need or someone they know is in need. Or so that possibly the government might happen to hear these things so they hire more people etc.

These are a few points I thought of and I'd be happy to hear what other ways people can avoid a Financial Crisis in the comments below!

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