How we can prevent another financial crisis.


The three opitions to prevent another finacial crisis are:

  • Don't lend money to everyone who asks,
  • Give the banks stricter rules on th banks,
  • Bankers get paid more for safer loans,

I think we can prevent another finacial crisis is bankers get paid more if their are safe with loans.Ithink this because when the bankers took a lot of risks then the finacial crisis happened this is because they were give loans out for the people who they knew couldn't pay back just because they wantedto get paid more . If bankers get paid more for being safe with loans and not letting people who can't pay it back loans the finacial crisis will neither come back!

Another reason what backs up this point is people will as well think about loans and if they can pay it back. People should think about these following pionts: types of Loans before you decide to borrow money, understand the different loan options that are available,Interest Rates, Regardless of the type of loan you decide on, you need to pay attention to current interest rates, Length of Loan,Down Payment Amount and Current Financial Situation.

In conclusion, the bankers get paid for being safe with loans and the citizens are here to help by thinking about loaning money from the bank so this will prevent a finicial crisis in the future.