how we can prevent the financial crisis from returning


The financial crisis was a terrible part in the history of english banks.People who had saved up alot of money lost thier house and buisness because the banks were taking a risk which ended horrfically.People lost money and houses and this made the spake into a giagantic fire of the financial crisis.This was happening because people were getting loans that they cant pay back.Now we know how bad this crisis was in 2008 we need to know how to avoid it from happening again.We can do this by begining charites for those who were afected by this event in england.What do you think can stop the crisis from happening again?

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    23 Nov 2018

    Can you do some research to see what changes have been put in place since the crisis to stop it happening again or to protect people's money?

    Here is BBC article to help:

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