How would you change money???

We all use money. We all need money. But when and who created money. In school a couple of years ago, we looked at how money had developed, what people used to exchange and be thought of precious, and basically when it all began. But I was wondering how I could change that. How if I started money in a way that could change how it was used, and my thoughts still be valued today. Here are some of my thoughts and opinions...

One: I would start off with giving everyone a fair amount each month. This would help people in need and also make those who have much to spare now, value all that they have.

Two: There would be different types of money to buy different things. If your doctor have you permission to take a drug, you would revive special money so that people can't spend their money illegally.

Three: They would be made of recycled materials. We have to find all materials for the notes and coins that we use. This would help our environment AND make good use of recycled materials.

Four: Salaries would have to be checked to make sure people revive the right amount. This would open opportunities for people without jobs and also help those with jobs to work HARD and not waste the company's money.

Five: We would all have our say on our opinion of how much we revive and pay. Of course, if people wanted an unreasonable amount then their opinion will not be taken seriously but like we do here at Burnet News Club, everyone's opinion will be valued.

Usually, in my posts I use questions, but in this one I have used a statement and my opinion. I think it worked quite well and I will do it more often. But I'm going to ask a small question here...

What is your opinion of this and of my post!


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 12 Nov 2018

    Well done for writing a post that thinks about money and finances in a new way. You give lots of reasons for your suggestions and have shown great curiosity, which is why you were awarded a star. I wonder how easy your suggestions would be, or how practical? For example, what would a fair amount be for each salary; how would this be calculated and would it be controlled by companies of the government?

    Can anyone else ask some questions about this post or develop any of the ideas further?

  • Yes, I guess that some things I wish I could change aren't REALLY possible. However, maybe a new ( we paid job) could be to make sure that everyone else gets a fair salary? Thank you for the star, I am very proud to revive one.