A poem dedicated to bankers! Your work IS appreciated

The hard life, having to face:

The traped room with just computers

they would surely need some boosters.

The apreciated service

and the costemers' complains as disservice.

The crowded room

which provides nothing but gloom.

Their pleasant face

and how they embrace.

In that short amount of time,

they'll be surrounded by files of prime.

Their busy days

when they don't want to experience another day of craze.

You now might feel deflated

but one day your work will be appreciated.


The bankers do face alot within times.Some will be in a room fiddling with the keyboard all the time and some will be in a room full of people who has mixed emotions about the service. They would have to face the angry costemers and act like they always feel pleasurable to help. Their work will not be a small amount, more and more collects up each minute.But, of course, their work is not accepted by everyone but soon as we understand their hard works we surely will.

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