If I had £100 billion...


If I had £100 billion (which is alot of money!) I would give around £10 billion of the money to homeless charities across the UK and Northern Ierland because since 2016 there has been a 15% rise in homelessness (UK and Northern Ierland).

I would also give £10 billion to reasearch into life changing medical treatments for life limiting illnesses (e.g. cancer, motor neurone disease, multipule sclerosis etc.) even though there has been a decrease in deaths from these types of illnesses there is still more work to be done.

I would give £40 billion to the NHS to fund special services that the NHS are struggiling to keep open and availbale to the public.

I would give £10 billion to chairities that help parents and children through the difficult prosses of losing someone and that offer restbite for people.

I would give £30 billion to enviromental chaities across the UK and Northern Ierland.

Comment what you would do with £100 billion...

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