Is Education More Important Than Money?


This is a tricky question, but why? Education will get you a job, which will earn you money. However, money brings you the necessities of life: water, food and shelter.

Personally, I think that education's more important than money. When we are young, we don't weed to worry about money, but about education and learning, because our parents buy everything for us.Then, as we get older, if we have basic education (basic knowledge) we can get a well paying job and earn money to support our family, pay bills/debts etc.

So, education is better/more important than money, because if you are educated, you will soon be able to earn money.

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  • Schools will need to receive money to supply their pupils with essentials such as: stationery; technology; and books, but if they didn't have enough money, then these things couldn't be purchased. As well as this, parents would have to pay for their children to go to college with transportation - costing a lot of pounds. Furthermore, the main reason you work is to earn money which implies that money is incredibly important to you and many others. On the other hand, you could say that, in actual fact, education is more important than money as the subjects you learn in school helps you in particular jobs. If you want to be a scientist, you will have the knowledge of Science and if you'd enjoy being a chef, the cooking lessons which you participate in in school would guide you. There are countless more topics which support both sides of the debate although I just can't decide which I think is more vital.

  • I think education is more important than money because if you study you will get a good job and with that job you will earn money