Is every perspective equally important?

I believe that every perspective is equally important although not all reasons are good.

I believe that hearing every perspective is important because a different perspective may give us a solution to a situation. It is therefore a problem when not everyone has freedom to speak their thoughts. For example in Myanmar many of the refugees have not been able to talk about the crisis but they may have opinions which could change the situation. This shows every perspective is important because without access to all perspectives things will continue in the same way.

I also believe that noone should have a more important voice than everyone together, as shown in democratic systems. Voices together are good although single opinions are important. Despite single opinions being good some single opinions could forever change the choices of other people in a negative way. For example in Myanmar I believe Ann Sang Syu Ki is saying what she's saying (that the terrorists have done all this) because she is scared of the military.

When this happens it can cause more damage to people so we need to listen to everybody, make sure everybody can be heard and look carefully at peoples reasons.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 26 Oct 2018

    This is a great Final piece, encouraging_road and although it's short, you've given two strong reasons that support your point of view. Well done!