Is Happiness Money?


Hello people, it is accomplished_iceberg with my second post. As you should have noticed, our BNC issue is about Financial Crisis. So to start off, my question is to you, yes you! You reader!

The question is..

Can Money Buy Happiness and is being happy having money?

On television channels, like ITV and Channel 5, there is normally a programme about one family in the top 10 percent of Britain's wealth divide, and one in the bottom 10 percent.They would switch houses for a week and only be able to use the budget of the house they are living in. In the poor house, spending money up approximately £200 on food for a whole week, and the rich house get around £2000 for food for a whole week.

This is to let the rich family know that peole are out there struggling, and to let the poor family know that not everyone struggles and that they can get past the trouble they are in if they make the right choices.

My opinion is that although money can buy THINGS that make you happy, it is not the same as being happy. This is because money cannot buy love, peace, friendship and overall Joy of Life.

Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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  • St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg versatile_horse | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
    31 Oct 2018

    I liked this very much . And I think your opinion makes a great point as money cannot buy love , peace , friendship and the joy of life.

  • Elaine-logo-250x250.jpg openminded_skill | Elaine Primary School
    31 Oct 2018

    I believe that money can be happiness in some people's life because if you were homeless and you had won the lottery you would become happy and excited, yet in the case of celebrities are they happy about their fame and money?
    A shocking amount of TV broadcasts are about celebrities that have committed suicide. As much as I know this is awful and sad I would always ask myself why would you do that to yourself you have an amazing life, with money, fans and lots more. But is it like that?

    After Research, I discovered that the Paparazzi is consistently stalking celebrities. I'm pretty sure a lot of people already know this so I dug greater into the situation.

    The paparazzi probably know a lot about these people and I mean everything, private situations that the celebrities don't want shared to the public. So what I believe that the Paparazzi are almost blackmailing the celebrities - Only keeping their secret unless they pay them money and a lot of it -.

    Linking back to our topic, I believe that these celebrities face financial crisis' due to the Paparazzi explaining why alot of celebrities commit suicide. What are your opinions?

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      openminded_skill's comment 01 Nov 2018

      This is an interesting comment. It's important not to make assumptions about things like suicide, as there are often very long term, complicated reasons why someone might feel that way, rather than just one event that causes it - like the paparazzi.

      You make a good point that money is relative and that it might not lead to happiness for everyone. Do you think all lottery winners are happy?

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